Google has a great many useful tools.
Google Docs:
allows for the sharing of ideas and thoughts in the one document, similar to the wiki idea.

**Google Maps**
This is a very easy to use tools and can offer a great deal whether using using street, satellite or terrain views.

The new generation of search engines are now very visual.


Photo and image sharing:
Although photosharing has been around for a while, Flickr really pushed the idea of sharing into a larger community consciousness.
Flickr is a huge community that shares photographs and allows searching by keyword tags that create associations between the photos and the users of the site.
There are many who have developed all sorts of interesting tools using Flickr.

FlickrCC makes free to use photos, in Creative Commons, easy to find. FlickrStorm is another nice search tool that has some useful features such as the ability to look for CC photos only and create a list of imges that can be shared. Both these are useful for our students to find and use images that are in the public domain or are licensed under Creative Commons